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Departure Dates For This Trip is FISRT (1 ST) Wednessday And LAST Saturday Of Every Month.Effective September,2012 - May 2013

This tour allows you to experience and explore Northern Ghana your own way.It takes you to the largest national park in Ghana - Mole National Park.

Mole National Park is home to tens of thousands of animal species with the untamed friendly elephants,baboons,warthogs,mona monkeys,water bucks, bush bucks,antelopes,blue and black columbus and bufallos being the most popular animals.You also stand the chance of seeing the occassionaly seen lion and the tiger should you be very lucky on the day.

You will spot this animals on  a foot trip (popularly called walking safari),you will use paths that expose you to the ancestral art of tracking and approaching animals silently or game drive (car safari) where you will drive through the park with your 4x4 vehicle for few kilometres in search of these animals.

Mole National Park is also a very good reserve area for bird watching.Bird watchers are however advised to come with their banaculas.

You will witness the African way of bathing newly born babies, traditional fortune telling and the baby massage or throw (this is said  to make the baby courageous).

Your visit to the  Tamale Zongo leather cullinery gives you the experience of  the  African way of leather processing from start to finish.


Children policy

For the purposes of comfort, travelers are advised not to emback on the trip with children below the ages of seven(7).