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Abraerica Hospitalities is a cozy twenty-five room hotel perched on the Akwapim-Togo ranges in the Volta region of Ghana just 3hours drive from Accra and 30minutes drive from Ho. It is the number one tourist destination and the place to be toexperience nature’s gift of serenity!

This beautiful and serene hotel is perched on one of the high peaks of the Akuapem-Togo range. It depicts the Ghanaian traditional style with a blend of modern facility and hospitality that is second to none.

Take advantage of an environment next to nature and savor our delicious food that would leave you wanting more and more....

We offer you total enjoyment and relaxation

One of the most fascinating features is the panoramic view from Abraerica. The whole River Dayi flood plain and the Volta Lake including the Afram Plains can be seen in the perspective of the bird’s eye view from the observatory restaurant while you wine and dine. The scenery at night is exhilarating where the towns from Vakpo through Anfoega to Kpando can be seen lighted up in the dark!

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