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This hotel is unique because it is located on a hill and the environment is green with less noise, making your stay at this property very cool. You will enjoy total comfort. The staff exhibit lots of professionalism when dealing with clients; they are smart and humble. Guests can relax in summer huts that are provided in the hotel. The bar and restaurant are located on the roof top. It’s very refreshing because of the breeze and guests can observe the activities of nearby villages. For guests who love fishing there is a pond where you can go fishing.

Mr Michael Zimblim, the owner of African Dream Hotel, is a native of the Savelugu-Nanton district in the northern region of Ghana, where the Dagombas are said to migrate from. He has extensive knowledge in the tourism industry having worked both in Switzerland and France for 31 years.

He is married to a Swiss National and has plans of coming to Ghana to manage and re-furbish the hotel.