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Departure Dates For This Trip is FISRT (1 ST) Wednessday And LAST Saturday Of Every Month.Effective September,2012 - May 2013

Tune into the life in an African Village

Enjoy the melodic blend of the Ghanaian drums and trumpets made from wild animal horns. Witness the splendor of traditional rituals near a warm bonfire. Learn how to dance and prepare local dishes using traditional cooking methods and cooking utensils. All this in the setting of a village that feels far away from civilization, where people still live in harmony with nature and where you become part of an authentic African experience.

This tour is very flexible so you can see this itinerary as a suggestion, it could be shortened or extended according to your wishes. We are always happy to make special arrangements that suit your needs. Please note that a change in the itinerary might mean a change in price. This tour can also be combined with exploring other parts of Ghana. If you wish, we can make this tour part of a package that includes a whole trip from you arrival at Kotoka International Airport in Accra until your return to your home country.