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Kosa is managed and owned by 2 dutch couples, come stay in a  traditional clay-houses combined with modern comfort. Be our guest in one of the comfortable guestrooms or bungalows all along the sandy beach of Ghana.You can choose from traditional drum lessons or a beach holiday in paradise. You can relax under the shade of coconut palms on a splendid beach. Our friendly team ensures you have a pleasant and wonderful stay.

Kosa is located about 20km off the main cape-coast Takoradi highway at a fishing village called Ampenyi in Elmina.


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Hotel Address: PO Box CC 812, Elmina

Getting there

From the cape coast university, drive about 20km on the Cape Coast Takoradi highway. Turn left on reaching Ayensudo Junction. Take to that junction and drive straight to Ampenyi, which is 4 km from Ayensudo junction. Take the last right turn and follow the directional signs to Kosa Beach Resort.