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The thought behind The Green House is to let tourists experience the local way of living in Ghana and by doing this to let the local people of Karimenga profit of the guest house. The Green House is not like an expensive hotel, we do not have any room with air-conditioning or even a fan.

Why not? Just because we would like you to experience the local way of living. But don’t be afraid! The rooms are well ventilated and are actually even quite cool!

So come around, stay a while and enjoy a comfortable way of experiencing the local way of living!

Besides the use of a guest house as a sleeping place, we think it is also nice to experience the local way of living by doing activities in and around Karimenga. The list of activities we organize:

- Village tour with a visit to the chief

- Herbal tour

- Fishing in the White Volta River

- Visiting farmers

- Visit a sooth sayer

- Bird watching tour

- Drumming lessons

- Fun games (with the youth): football, badminton, volleyball, oware

- Story telling

- Bicycle rent

- Learn how to weave a traditional basket

- Learn how to prepare sheanut butter

Also our food is local, if you want to. You can choose if you would like to eat local food (T.Z., Yam, Fufu, etc.) or you can choose to eat some simple European dishes (spaghetti, potato chips). It is up to you!

The Green House, as the guest house in Karimenga is called, is a pro-poor tourism project. This means that the profit made by the guest house, goes mainly to the community of Karimenga. This money is used for two main purposes:

1. The savings account for the youth of Karimenga, of which The Green House finances the school fees of the Secondary Senior School for some of the youth of Karimenga
2. The bonus salary for the staff members of The Greenhouse


Karimenga as it is called is a very small community situated in the middle of the forest, thereby making it easy to access herbal medicine, which the people still use for health care. It also creates an opportunity for tourist to see the type of trees, grasses and beliefs used in health care.

The people are mostly farmer and because of the forest they burn wood into charcoal as a source of making money. The White Volta cuts across the village western side of this community also giving it the opportunity for dry season farming of tomatoes, watermelon and onions. It will also make it possible for tourist to interact with the farmers during their visit. The village is in the Northern region of Ghana (West Africa). It is located on the main truck road, linking the Northern region to the Upper East region. It’s about 25km prior to the Upper East regional capital, Bolgatanga, and about 135km away from the Northern regional capital, Tamale.


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Hotel Address: Karimenga, Karimenga

Getting there

You can easily reach the village of Karimenga by taking a bus / tro-tro / private car from Tamale to Bolgatanga; after about 135 kilometers, you will find the village of Karimenga on your right hand side. Coming from Bolgatanga, you will find Karimenga after about 30 kilometers, just 5 minutes after you passed the toll gate and bridge over the White Volta river.