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Kotoka International Airport, Accra


Departure Dates For This Trip is the FIRST (1 ST) Wednesday And the LAST Saturday Of Every Month.

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Departure Dates For This Trip is the FIRST (1 ST) Wednesday And the LAST Saturday Of Every Month.

Get a taste of Northern Ghana’s National Parks and Culture

The northern region of Ghana has rich cultural and historical sites coupled with the friendly people who are always willing to share with travellers the lives and history of the community. Travellers can explore the vast savanna land and wildlife, bird watching and doing many more interesting things.

  • Group size: from 4 to 6 people
  • Pickup location: 

    Kotoka International Airport, Accra


    Departure Dates For This Trip is the FIRST (1 ST) Wednesday And the LAST Saturday Of Every Month.

  • Drop-off location: 

    Kotoka Interntional Airport, Accra

  • Pickup time: (7.30 AM - 8.00 AM)
  • Drop-off time: (12.00 PM - 12.30 PM)


Day 1 - Arrive at the Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana. After you clear passport control and customs, you will be greeted by  M&J Staff member who will transfer you to your hotel in Accra.

Day 2 - Check out of your accommodation for an early morning transfer at 5:00 am to the Kotoka International Airport. Check in at the domestic desk at the domestic departure hall for departure formalities for your onward flight to Tamale. Flight time is 1 hr. Upon arrival at Tamale you will be met by  M&J Travel and Tours staff member who will welcome you and transfer you from the airport for your breakfast at the local restaurant downtown. Thereafter, you will have a 2 hours City Tour of Tamale. Depart at 1.00pm with your private vehicle to Mole National Park. Mole is located in the northern region of Ghana, with an area of 4849 square kilometers. It is the largest and most developed protected area for eco-tourism and nature conservation in Ghana.

You will have a driving safari into the park to have the best view of the untamed but friendly elephants, antelopes, warthogs, baboons and other monkeys.

Mole offers you a premium site for birding with over 300 identified bird species. Delight yourself as you watch egrets, flycatchers, and many more.

Reptile enthusiasts can watch for a variety of snakes, crocodiles, etc. Enjoy the beauty of these magnificent reptiles.

While on safari, you will see Giant Termite Hill, stunning butterflies and moths. Amuse and educate yourself as you watch a dung beetle rolling its prize away.

You can decide to spend the night either at the Mole Motel or at a campsite of your choice, please see below for details of campsites. We will provide you with a tent and at our private campsite at Brugbani you get the opportunity of having the whole campsite to yourself, only accompanied by a park ranger. Staying out in the wild means you are surrounded by nature and you will be amazed by the many sounds you hear at night.

Day 3 –You will embark on a 2 hours walk safari with a professional armed tour guide.There is the possibility to have breakfast at your campsite on request. After that you will be driven to Larabanga. The Larabanga Mosque is the largest of the ancient Sudanic style mosque in Ghana. In the mosque is a Quran which is as old as the mosque and its origin is still a mystery. However, only Muslims are allowed to enter the mosque.

Next visit will be Sonyor community, 90km away from Mole. Discover the history behind their way of building. The surviving architecture and lifestyle of their culture was established in the years of tribal times in order to protect them from their enemies. Most of their households do not have an entry point, they are only accessible to each other by walking on top of the roof using a manufactured ladder to ascend and descend into their households. You will typically find household members; especially women carry water and farm-products on their heads as they climb down into their homes. Come view the community from inside one of our households, and discover how this architecturally strategic advantage is only one of the many habits of their community. Including in this strikingly interesting tour, you can also visit the four chiefs, and learn of their community's social leadership.

You will spend the night in Wechiau.

Day 4 – Today visit to Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary.

Wechiau Hippo Sanctuary is a protected area consisting of a 40 km stretch down the length of the Black Volta River. The Wechiau Sanctuary is home to hippos, bats, chameleons, hedgehogs and many different types of lizards and snakes.

View Hippos and wide variety of birds on the Black Volta River.

Enjoy a cultural tour and learn about the Lobi traditional practices and way of life.

Hiking and trekking to discover the beauty of nature.

Overnight stay at Wa.

Day 5 - Depart from Wa to Kumasi. A free day for personal exploration.

Day 6 – In the morning, you have time to visit Kumasi. You can choose from the following activities:

1) You can visit the museum of Ashanti history. Visit the Prempeh II Museum which offers a good overview of Ashanti history. Many of the artifacts in the Museum relates to the reign of Prempeh II. In the museum you can see the golden artifacts of the Ashanti Kingdom. See the various palanquins used by the Ashanti King and Queen mother, different drums of various shapes, stools, ceremonial clothes, native sandals, various head gears and statues of some past and the current kings and queens which look very real.

2) Visit the Kumasi Cultural centre where you will experience the rich culture of the Ashantis who value their culture so much. There are craft and weaving centres located within the Cultural centre. If you want to learn and partake in the rich culture of the Ashantis then the Cultural Centre is an ideal place for you to visit.

3) Explore Kumasi Kejetia Market where people from all walks of life come to trade. It is the biggest market in West Africa, a vast lively place. Traders come from as far as Senegal and Cameroon to sell their goods here. You will walk through this unique market where thousands of people come to sell, buy, and take vehicles to their various destinations. Feast on the sights, sounds, and smells. Interact with some market women and men to know how they go about their business. These people are very friendly and in no time you will make friends.

Depart to Accra in the afternoon for your last minute shopping and personal exploration.

Day 7 - Transfer to the airport for your outward flight with lots of wonderful memories about Ghana and the thought of returning soon.



Cancellation Policy

We advise that should you need to cancel, you must notify us on time. However, your cancellation must be in writing by email. It will be effective on the date of receipt of the mail. Cancellation charges, per person, based upon the date of the cancellation, are as follows


90 – 30 days: 20% of tour cost

29 – 10 days: 50% of tour cost

Less than 10 days and no show: 100% of tour cost.

Participant Guidelines

This tour is designed to promote cultural interaction with the local people and this start with your tour. Before you start your trip you will be given the travelers code of conduct so that you will know how to behave at a particular destination. Please respect local culture and ask permission from your tour guide before you do anything.

It is recommended that visitors bring along good hiking boots (there are wellington boots available for rent).

Some parts of the park will be inaccessible during the rainy season.

These guidelines seek to enhance visitor enjoyment, security and safety in Mole National Park whilst maintaining the values of the park and communities fringing it.

Restrictions within the Park

Firearms are strictly prohibited in Mole National Park. Declare any firearm in your possession at the park entrance for safe keeping.

All tourist activity in the pack should be accompanied by an armed guide.

Pets are strictly prohibited in the Park.

Bush burning is strictly prohibited in Mole.

For drive safaris the speed limit is 30 Km/h. Respect the right of way of all animals and watch out for speed bumps.

Violation of any of these restrictions can result in sanctions and/or expulsion from the Park.

Preservation of Park’s Resources

Littering is strictly prohibited in the park. Litter and leftover food doesn't not only spoil the beauty of the park, it can also be dangerous to wildlife.

Keep your food away from wildlife and store it properly. Never leave food unattended while camping and/or if you are close to wildlife.

Do not damage or remove animals, plants, or any of their parts.

Observe wildlife from a distance of at least 50 meters. Do not follow or approach wildlife neither encourage your local guide to get closer than 50 meters.

Do not feed animals. Animals in the park are not tamed. Feeding them alters their natural behavior and they can become dangerous to you.

Conserve water and energy as much as possible. Always switch off air conditioners, lights and electrical appliances when not needed. Ensure that taps are firmly closed.

It is advised you wear appropriate outfit i.e. long trousers and close walking boots with firm grip. This outfit would protect you from the wild plants, thorns, reptiles and insects.

Other Disclosures


  • Accommodation as stated
  • Meals: breakfast
  • Transportation
  • All activities mentioned
  • Entrance fees to sites mentioned