Food & Cuisine in Ghana

Visitors can enjoy the opportunity of tasting traditional African meals in the bars and restaurants of Ghana. There are a variety of places to see and a multitude of exciting things to do in Ghana. The activities in Ghana will keep you very busy all through your stay here. Good Ghanaian food and great drinks are the other attractions for travellers and tourists in Ghana.

Taste the various traditional dishes in Ghana for a mouth-watering experience you are sure to love!

The best place for eating out in Ghana is Accra; with no end of restaurants and bars, you can grab a bite to eat at any time of the day. Our Ghana Restaurant Guide provides information about the types of cuisine you are likely to come across and the best places to eat out. Fuel your body for a Ghana shopping spree at one of the great restaurants in Ghana. And check out our local restaurants page to find the best Ghana restaurant in whatever town you happen to be visiting.

Food & Cuisine in Ghana

Food in Ghana is very reasonably priced. It is a good idea to try out the various traditional dishes - you are sure to love them. A famous and popular dish of Ghana is fufu. Another to try is the kelewele, which is a small scrumptious snack that everyone likes. Several rice dishes are very popular too. Street vendors sell their tasty wares at very low prices. They usually sell food from the local cuisine. Meals at most African restaurants do not cost much. Travellers can try out the local dishes at many restaurants in Ghana, and in fact, tourists love trying out unusual dishes in different restaurants.

Ghanaian food is greatly influenced by the local environment and surroundings. Located on the west coast of Africa on a wide and high plateau, Ghana has many rivers and lakes, which gives it a tropical and warm climate with a lot of rainy weather. Thanks to its location and climate, agriculture is quite well developed in Ghana. The country has numerous plantations and is the third largest global producer of cocoa. Other plantations in the country are of coconut, coffee and a variety of fruits. Fishing is also a major activity in Ghana and many meals, snacks and soups revolve around fish.

Local plants and fruit form the base of the Ghanaian diet. Fruits such as avocados, mangos, bananas, grapefruits, coconut, plantains, and papayas are used for the main course, sweet meals and the traditional stew. Bananas are used for their fruit as well as their leaves. Local vegetables such as cassava, maize, okra, which is called ngumbo in the local language, eggplant, sweet potatoes, chilli pepper, tomatoes, yam, turnip, and onions are used as the base for fufu or foofoo, which is the most important meal in Accra.

Food in Ghana is not restricted to local cuisine but has elements from across the world, such as Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern and other international flavours as well. Fast food in Accra is becoming popular due to its convenience and their family oriented meals.

There are many international restaurants in Accra, especially in the Osu and Kumasi neighbourhoods. Adventurous travellers might want to try out local dishes served in ‘chop bars' as well. The most popular dishes in Accra are fufu, which is a gooey pulped ball of crushed yam or cassava served in a light soup. Other popular dishes are kenkey and banku, which are made of fermented maize and served with a tomato relish. More familiar food in Accra includes fried yam sticks, which are the local equivalent of potato chips, beef kebabs, barbeque chicken, guinea fowl, as well as tilapia, which are all popular options at the bars. Jollof rice is a common dish, made of spicy rice cooked in tomato sauce with meat, chicken or fish.

International cuisines such as Chinese and several Western cuisines are also available in Ghana. International food is usually served in the larger hotels. Smaller Ghana restaurants serve a whole range of local traditional dishes. Restaurants in Accra serve many other cuisines too. Chinese, Middle Eastern, French, and other European dishes are some of the cuisines they offer.

Ghana has many bars and restaurants. Bars in Ghana serve several types of interesting and refreshing drinks. The bars are known to have a great atmosphere and a great variety of drinks. Cocktails, mocktails, fresh fruit juices, and many other types of drinks are available in the numerous food outlets spread all over the country.

Some of the well-known restaurants in Accra are Don's Place, Fusion, Jokers, and The Office. Decorated elegantly, all these restaurants serve both national and international cuisines to their diners. These restaurants cater to the tastes of travellers coming from all parts of the world, and every palate is sure to be satisfied by one dish or another.

End your long day of touring Ghana and eating at various places with Ghana's dazzling nightlife. The nightlife in Ghana is a great attraction for both the locals and the tourists. There are numerous party spots all over the country. Ghana nightclubs are vibrant and entertaining. You can dance to the tunes spun out by DJs at the nightclubs or just enjoy the music. Try a few of the refreshing drinks served at the various pubs and bars

Nightclubs in Accra and other major hubs play both popular Western music and Afro beats. The National Theatre in Accra regularly stages concerts. Cultural dance shows, drama, and poetry sessions are often hosted by the School of Performing Arts under the University of Ghana in Legon. Ghanaian and foreign films can be watched at the Executive Film House and the Ghana Film Theatre, both in Accra.

Accra has a number of well-known clubs and tourist resorts. Other urban centres have a lively nightlife too. There are enough good cafés, bars, and clubs all over Ghana to satisfy the differing needs of all the guests who visit Ghana each year. Ghana is equipped to entertain the global traveller.