Welcome the the Ashanti Region

The land of voodoo dolls, animism and royalty, the Ashanti region is at the heart of the West African rain forest belt. You will be greeted with an array of vivid colours and textures as you visit the Ashanti highlights and mill around a population of nearly a million. Bordering Ashanti is the quieter Brong Ahafo region, a cashew and cocoa growers’ paradise and the largest playfield for several species of monkeys.

Ashanti is a land of royal attractions providing a great insight into the ways of the people and the bordering region Brong Ahafo is a land of great natural beauty.

The Ashanti kingdom was founded by King Osei Tutu in the 18th century. His priest Okomfo Anokye played a major role in unifying many states by having them swear allegiance to the golden stool that descended from the heavens above.

Kumasi, the capital of Ashanti, also owes its name to Okomfo Anokye who planted two Kuma trees in the forest. The area in which the tree survived became Kumasi (Kuma tree has flourished).

Kumasi is a lively blend of tradition and modernity. There is more to experience on a local Ashanti tour.